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DPD Designs was started in early November 2012, with two separate entities in mind. One would focus on business related symbols and designs, while the other focusing on more creative symbols and designs.

The two groups underneath DPD Designs are Greater than Image Designs (GTI Designs) | Spark the Wagon Designs (STW Designs). GTI Designs being the business symbols and designs solution, and STW Designs being the creative symbols and designs solution. DPD Designs also manages the full DPD and ADP Website Network:

GTI Designs and STW Designs have created every logo for both ADP and DPD extensions. Currently the sole artist and designer for both GTI Designs and STW Designs is Jeff Weidemoyer. DPD Designs will look to expand with artists and designers with a similar passion for symbols and designs as Mr. Weidemoyer.

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Jeff Weidemoyer

Personal: JOLAM –
Creative: ADP –
Business: DPD –

JOLAM: A Diamond Enterprise (Founder | Owner | President)
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